Redefining Democracy Part I
Mike Meyer

America, and much of the world, seem to be at a tipping point, but it has been almost in balance since the turn of the century, tipping slightly one way, and then back the other. The “old-guard”, mostly Republicans, have been trying to maintain power, and when they are in power they have created disasters for the whole world. They are doing it again now.

Sadly, the opposition, while still in opposition, offered nothing new, but only to keep going along, with more inclusiveness. They offered nothing to solve the real problems created by all the changes you mentioned.

So now we have the worst of the old in power: old people. old industries, old banks, old money and old ideas that have been proven wrong. This has been supported by even older, emotional appeals to racism, sexism and nationalism. While these forces do not prevent changes from happening, they attempt to deny that there are any changes, and therefore make no attempt to deal with the negative aspects and unanticipated consequences of new technologies, globalism, instant communications, genetic discoveries, climate change, shifts in population demographics, and the loss of trust in all traditional institutions.

This denial is causing a strong reaction, hopefully among people who never paid much attention before. Perhaps, those who have a greater stake in the future will be the ones who begin to shape it.

Max Plank was probably correct when he said the only way real change occurs is one the old generation dies.

Or maybe were just fucked.