Aleppo, on Medium
Ariel Azoff

Blame and Blood

This is the culmination of a tragedy that has been unfolding in plain sight of the entire world for four years. The situation was always complex and there is blame and blood on the hands of many nations and their leaders.

In many ways the causes go back to the end of WWI and how the French and British carved up the Middle East to their benefit.

More recently, it was Bush’s war the upset the balance of power, and his having no idea of the cultures and conflicts of the Middle East. That was followed by Obama’s indecisiveness and passivity, as he could not find a way to define a successful intervention, and the U.S. Congress would not sanction any funds for battle. Secretary Kerry was unable to find a way to find a way to get anyone to negotiate in good faith.

But this level of genocide rests with Assad and his ruthless quest to maintain power, and his willingness to kill any innocent citizen who was in the way. He was advised and assisted in these killings by Russia and their President Putin, who seems to use Stalin as a model for dealing with any opposition.

Certainly President Obama is upset and devastated by this slaughter. I don’t know if he has any influence a this time. It will be interesting to see if President elect Trump as anything to say at all, especially given how he and so many of his advisors have ties with Russia.