Trump supporters were never eligible for ACA subsidies, the frustration was other people were…
The American Philosopher

Dear American,

I sincerely thank you for your response. It is clear that we view the world very differently and I appreciate that you took the time to try to correct what you see as my misunderstandings.

About the ACA, I don’t know why you are not able to get insurance from Obamacare, unless you mean you already have a good plan from you job. There are many states that did not accept Medicaid subsidies to help pay for insurance, but that was because the governors of those states did anything they could to keep Obama out, even though it would have cost them nothing to pay for people who did not have health insurance. That wasn’t Obama’s fault.

Also, I guess we disagree about the value of giving people who need health care, or food stamps, “free stuff” even when we don’t need them. I don’t know you, but if you needed an operation and are a citizen of this country, I would help pay for it. That’s what health insurance is.

Trump got rich using many devious, fraudulent and discriminatory practices. He ran a private family business and was accountable to nobody. He will not reveal much about that business. If it was run so well, why not flaunt it. Many suspicious still lie there.

The only jobs Trump brought back to the US are through tax-payer subsidies. When Obama did this Republican labelled him a socialist. Trump cannot bring good jobs back to the US because most of them have been lost to automation. Robots do the jobs of fifty people. The people who build and program the robots learn to do that by going to the universities you seem to feel are over-priced and useless. Often, at these universities people learn the value of mixing with people from other cultures and hearing other points of view.

This seems to be something that Trump discourages. He tries to demean scientific, cause and effect studies because he either thinks he knows better, or he doesn’t want people asking critical questions about his very questionable practices.

I feel that college and university studies should be almost free to everyone. That would not only help people create, innovate and have more skills for jobs, but it would improve people’s thinking a problem solving skills. Perhaps that could it could help us find ways to live together more harmoniously.

You feel that me, with a Ph.D. in Psychology, am over educated, and have wasted my time and money going to school, but I feel it has served me well and helped me find a useful and productive path through life. I feel very fortunate to have been able to send my children to college and universities. It has served them well also. I would happily pay more in taxes to pay for your kids to go to college.

I don’t want to ramble on here or appear condescending. I really want to find a way that America can work for all of us. I really do appreciate that you took the time to criticize my ideas.

I feel that Trump has worked very hard to divide us as a country, and he continues to do so. i imagine that you are a sincere, hard-working and caring person who has found that many of the recent changes in our country have been hard to digest. There has been so many new people from different places, so many jobs being disrupted by new technologies, so many new types of people with genders that no one ever heard of before, and a constant flow of an overwhelming amount of information that all of us feel confused and wondering what is real.

I feel that Trump is basically dishonest, a liar, a distorter, and distracts people by making enemies of people who are harmless and helpless. He has no idea about how to manage a government and he is a divisive and spiteful leader. He shows no respect for democracy or any democratic process. This is not a liberal or conservative complaint, this is Constitutional.

Again, thank you for explaining your position. I hope we can find areas of agreement so we can start to rebuild this nation.


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