I am a social media addict and I quit for a month. Here’s my story.
Steve Schlafman

Does anyone remember what life was like in 2005. There were no iPhones, no Facebook, no Twitter. There was Friendster and then My Space, but what were they?

Then Steve Jobs and Apple decided that the iPod wasn’t enough. The world changed. Billions joined in. Some 75% of them are living like Mr. Schlafman, addicted to their social media.

Clearly, it is an addiction, like any other. He had the control to stop, for a month, knowing it was temporary. I have treated dozens of addicts who can stay clean until after they go to court. Just the knowledge that the high is still waiting for you is enough to keep going, for a while.

My question is this: If we could go back to 2005 and know what was coming, would we have designed it any differently. We do for our kids, at least the young ones. We limit screen time. When is it OK to give a kid a smart phone?

So much as changed, so quickly. We did not design this as much as we have fallen victim to it.

What is it doing to our brains, to our skills? Is this what we want?

I guess it is, we all go for it.?

It’s not going to go away. We are not going to stop — — until something even better comes along.

Maybe now is the time to think about what that something better might be. I hope it is better than just an app that helps me organize all my other apps.

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