“I’m Not Pregnant, This is Just My Belly” and Other Awkward Body Conversations with Strangers
Human Parts

Everyone knows you should just diet and exercise! Right, sure.

Diet and exercise are industries that make several billions of dollars in the US. Diet books are one of the biggest publishing markets. Still, most people know what’s real: the the majority of people who lose weight put it back on; that there are people who really like to exercise and other who find it very difficult and unrewarding.

Recent research has shown that the largest factor in how our bodies are shaped is our genetics. The way you look is basically determined the moment the two strands of DNA unite at conception.

Your genetic physiology also determines the way your body absorbs and process food, how big your muscles can grow and how large your lungs are, which helps with athletic activity.

In addition to that, the food you ate as a child, you families eating habits and use of food help shape your relationship with food. Also, if you like to eat and drink, which most people do, it helps socially, and it also feels good to get nourished. For most people, cutting down on their food ( and drink) intake makes them depressed, irritable and lethargic, which is not fun, or healthy.

Another point to be made, although it probably isn’t relevant to Laura Ann, is that giant corporations spend millions, if not billions of dollars to make high calorie food look attractive. They also have R and D labs that make the taste addictive so that we will buy more. That’s their job.

So fighting your body type, for most people, is either very difficult or impossible.

It’s very encouraging to find yet another person who for some slight reason is considered “outside the lines” who is able to take a positive stand and assert who she is. It is sad that it is always so difficult.

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