Another fact, your hate is blinding you to fact.
You presented many opinionated-facts

First, I don’t know why you bring up “hate.” That is shifting the argument, and is certainly not a “fact.” I have many concerns about what is happening in America right now, but I don’t hate anyone (at least not anyone you know, or know about).

After that, I find it interesting that the only favorable things you can point to are economic. Yes, the stock market is up. Trump can be given about 10% of the credit for that. The market likes the idea of less regulation, and the possibility of a tax cut. But, that’s what Bush did, and look who it helped and what happened as a result.

You don’t seem to care about how the Republicans, and the Trump administration are doing many things to undermine freedom, justice and even the Constitution. You don’t seem to care about the the lies and inconsistency that characterizes the way Trump governs. It doesn’t seem to matter to you how his lack of judgment, his inability to take advice, and his ignorance about how to form legislation pose a real threat to our economy, and to the lives of people all over the world.

You didn’t mention that several members of his administration have had to quit because of their gross misuse of their office. You overlooked that others have quit because they couldn’t work with Trump. It doesn’t bother you that he won’t let his government publish scientific facts (yes, real facts).

Right now, the rest of the world views the U.S. as a rouge nation. We do not stand behind our agreements, and whenever our President says something, it is likely he will say the opposite tomorrow. He lies, distorts and threatens.

But it seems none of that matters to you as long as the stock market goes up.

To me, yes it’s my opinion, that kind of thinking is dangerous and short-sighted. It has alrady had a corrosive effect on life in America.

But, we shall see how things turn out.