If you know of what law this breaks let me know.
I’m saying Donald Trump Jr.
Parker O'Brien

First, this is what the law professors say:

“The law states that no person shall knowingly solicit or accept from a foreign national any contribution to a campaign of an item of value,” Goodman tells me.[Ryan Goodman, a former Defense Department special counsel and current editor of the legal site Just Security] “There is now a clear case that Donald Trump Jr. has met all the elements of the law, which is a criminally enforced federal statute.”

Also, what you skip is that this is part of a many person, multi-contact pattern that involves several high-ranking people in the Trump campaign, including Manafort, Flynn, Kushner, Page, Stone. and Sessions.

Page and Stone were open about their contacts. All the rest seemed to “forget” that they had any contact with anyone from Russia. Kushner was even going to the Russian Embassy to set up a secret communications channel. Flynn was promising to remove the sanctions.

Remember, Nixon was charged with being an un-indicted co-conspirator in Watergate. That was based on a breaking and entering charge.

Hacking the DNC is today’s equivalent of breaking and entering. If they knew this was, in any way, about to transpire, or who did it and why, then they are complicit in the crime. They are also, like Nixon, complicit in covering up that crime.

(Note: that in 2000, when Al Gore received a package containing G.W. Bush’s preparation notes for the debates, he rapidly turned it over to the FBI.)

Also, there is a pattern of several participants here, which could lead to RICO charges of conspiring with a foreign power to influence an election, and certainly of obstruction of justice.

The President, meanwhile, is obviously guilty of using his office for personal profit for himself and his family. Some of what he does is legal as he is President, but a lot of what he does is blatantly illegal.

The President has done all he can to detour, distract, delay and obstruct this investigation. He has repeatedly been caught in lies and distortions. He has been derilict in his duty to protect the Constitution.

Still, so far, the Republicans see nothing. These are just a few naive mistakes and harmless coincidences.

What we are dealing with here is a crooked, corrupt family, who have been this way for so long that they think that’s how the world operates. Trump has been involved in almost 5000 law suits. He just paid $25,000,000 for fraud. He doesn’t pay his bills. He has horrible credit. He won’t show his taxes.

When is it ENOUGH? or do we just throw out the Constitution in order to get a tax break for the richest people in the country, allow businesses to pollute, and banks to entrap people into loans they can’t pay and fees that are not disclosed. Lock up people who smoke pot, deny families birth control and blame it all on immigrants.

The GOP platform!

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