There is one half arguing that the president and government are working against the people-dictating policy w/ money, intelligence and sneaky foreign relations for the very first time in their lifetime— putting it all on Trump and his admin.
The response by D J B in the comments makes me love this post even more.
Jean Templeton

He has a man who believes that he knows much more than he does and he becomes furious when anyone disagrees with him. He is a liar. He is vengeful, and he is an inept leader. The underlying reasons for this is that he is now, and always has been, corrupt.

He has only run a private, family business and has never been accountable to anyone. We know that he has gone bankrupt, that he has used unethical and fraudulent practices. He has shown no ability to follow any of his bold action statements with any feasible method to accomplish them. Everything he has done so far has needlessly made life miserable for thousands of people. He is waging campaigns against imagined enemies, and he sees them everywhere.

The man is a terrorist. America has become an unpredictable rouge nation. Don’t confuse this with any kind of political discussion. If you want to blow-up the system, fine. That’s understandable. But have something to put in it’s place that can make life livable. Acting like Kim Jong Un does not impress me as a solution.


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