we should reverse-engineer human mental processes and patterns of information storage and handling. In other words, we should develop a complete model of human psyche.
The development of strong AI, by copying the structures and processes of the human psyche.
Alexander Holovan

Human mental processes run on emotion. We have evolved over a few hundred thousdan years to have certain hard-wired responses, such as fight or flight, that protect us. That is exactly what machine don’t do. That is one of the advantages of using AI, it doesn’t get rattled or distracted. That is how Deep Mind was able to beat Lee Se-Dol at Go. It didn’t get upset when it made a wrong move. It didn’t worry that it might lose. It didn’t get tired or frustrated. People panic. People get angry. People get frightened. You don’t want your machines doing that.

DJB https://medium.com/choosing-our-future

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