Conservative and believes in the right to own firearms as a private citizen.
Trump was the President elect, getting the same intelligence reports and information Obama was…
Louis Weeks

I can see where your priorities are. So i will only respond to two things.

  1. There is a lot more in the Constitution that the 4th Amendment, and ignoriing things such as freedom of the press, spearation of powers, equal justice under law, the difference between the House and the Senate, the right to vote, and several other rights and expectations of how a government should function, is very harmful.
  2. Yes, we lected a businessman, someone whose business were fraudulent and corrupt. He is also someone with a very lose relationship with the truth and cause and effect.

But I see you will be loyal to him, and what he stands for. I only want to remind you that decisions based on false or decptive information turn out to be harful and destructive decisions.

So far, in a very short time, Trump has made our country, and the world, less safe with a much riskier future, economically, soically and politically.

I hope having a gun makes you feel safer. From what I don’t know.