Pick a Side
Dave Pell

I don’t think Dave Pell was advocating an actual call to arms. He is issuing a call to action. The smallest action that anyone who is at all concerned about the future of our nation can take is to register and vote. In several crucial states that is no longer a simple process, especially if you are considered to be part of some kind of minority.

Virginia is having major statewide elections this November. The rest of the states have elections in less than a year and a half. Until then there is a lot that interested, energized people can do. First, keep speaking out to elected officials, especially Republicans at every level. They continue to need the racist, anti-semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim vote to win. They have used fear and threats to split working class people against the poor and minorities. They continue to spew a constant stream of fake news. Just today, Trump released a new ad that blames Democrats for the divisiveness in the country. He and his people are masters of blaming others for the sins they themselves commit.

I am amazed at how many people I know who were always marginally interested in what was happening with their government who are now very scared. They are afraid of nuclear war. They are afraid of race wars. They are afraid of losing their health care. They are afraid of climate disasters. They are afraid of still having to pay off college loans when they turn fifty. They are afraid that seventy secretive billionaires have more influence on our government than the 130,000,000 people who voted in the last elections.

Still, there are others who feel that Trump confronting Kim Jong Un is a necessary move, even if it leads to a couple of nukes being dropped. Those bombs probably won’t be dropped in Texas, so why be concerned?

So, yes choose, which side are you on? Then act. Nonviolently, but energetically, openly and vocally. Speak-up when you see racism, injustice, bullying, intimidations and exploitation.

Or else don’t be surprised when Trump’s silver hammer comes down on your head.