Mike Pence’s dinner rule would stop female journalists from doing their jobs
Helen Joyce

I guess Maria Al-Masani answered all your questions. Women need to be protected by men from men. That’s the way of the world. You are advocating for women to get raped (she says). I guess any woman who goes to work without her husband is just asking for it.

Atheism won’t stop it. It is a basic principle of almost all orthodox religions that men need to control women in order to be protected from their charms. Women should submit to their husbands but cover up in front of other men, lest they prove irresistable.

Unfortunately Helen, that’s what you’re fighting against, almost as much as you’re trying to gain equality in the minds of men. How many American women voted for Trump? Many said he reminded them of their ex-husbands. Just men being men.

I beleive that having an American President who had one African parent has scared the shit our of the White Christian world. All the bigotry, of all sorts, has risen to the surface. It will either be confronted and refuted, or it’s back to the Dark Ages for all of us, and with it the end of a bright, technologically driven future.

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