first concern for young people will be the work options for the future.
AI is here to stay
Jaime Pichardo Garcia

I think the first concern for young people is to realize that AI is not necessarily value neutral. There are already algorithms than track our every on-line click, our every purchase and almost everything in which we show an interest. Will this use of the Big Data in our lives help us to live healthier, happier, more productive and creative lives, or will it be used to entice us to buy crap we don’t need with money we don’t have?

People of this generation, and every generation that follows, will have to learn how to determine where information is coming from, who designed the choices in the menus, how they are being influenced, and by whom.

Many of the menial, repetitive tasks of people’s lives will be eliminated, giving them the chance to do more of what they find interesting and satisfying. But they will have to work hard to develop a much stronger skill of critical thinking. They will have to learn how to evaluate each innovation and bit of information and decide which are really beneficial, and which are distracting, useless or even harmful.


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