If you were to die tomorrow, would you be happy with your life?
Benji Hyam

I wish that things were so simple.

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen could be that you go bankrupt because you took a stupid risk. Your family is out on the street. Your friends tried to warn you and have given up on you. You convinced your family to help and now they are broke also; and they hate you. And since you were working so hard chasing your dream, you never realized that your wife has been having a thing with your brother. You are left alone, broke, and miserable.

Yes, life is short. There is a reason people try not to screw-up. We have evolved to feel some anxiety when we are about to do something stupid. It protects us. A lot of people can look back and think that they were very wise to NOT take the risk that would have ruined their lives.

Don’t drive your motorcycle when you’re drunk. Don’t invest in a perpetual motion machine. Don’t spend the rent money on lottery tickets.

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