How I Got My Attention Back
Craig Mod

It is fascinating to read about your struggle to keep your mind in place. From what I can glean you are a fairly successful writer, designer, photographer and traveler. The image of you playing Clash of Clans for a ten hour stretch is a bit unsettling to me.

I am older than you, and therefore I developed antibodies to overstimulation before the huge firehose of attention grabbing, virtual connectivity could capture my mind. My introduction to attention grabbing technology began when TV stations, there were three of them, signed off before midnight.

I have been a psychologist for over forty years. I have worked with many people who suffered from all kinds of addictions. I know a thing or two about brain science, addictions and dopamine. I can feel it myself, just being on Medium, checking for hearts and followers.

We are living in a strange, transitional new world. Clearly, from what is going on all around us, people are scared and confused. On Medium, I see tons of posts about how to be a “success,” while no one clearly defines what “success” is. But they say to keep working at it, all the time.

We don’t live in isolation. We are social creatures. People do best when they feel attached, cared for, and caring about. Some of that can come from virtual, cyber connections, but those relationships are very limited. They vanish. They can’t make you soup when you have a cold.

It is very difficult to take control of your own mind when the stimulation, the in-puts, are constant. It becomes impossible to reach a conclusion, to know what you think, when new information comes in with every ping, beep and pop. When you don’t know what you think you become easily mislead and manipulated. It become easy to think what everyone else is thinking.

Technology is fascinating, marvelous and it’s potential seems unlimited. Yet, we all have to choose wisely about which, how and when to use it.

We have to make sure we maintain our own ability to think critically.

Go and make some soup and share it with someone you care about.