A 26-year-old Marine Corps Vet has a plan to liberate Trump’s tax returns. Let’s help him succeed!
Reid Hoffman

It is very important for Trump to release his tax returns because, even more than Hillary, he has a record of distorting and of telling many outright lies — such as his support for the “Birther” movement, his denial that he was ever in favor of the Iraq war, his doctor’s letter, his wife’s plagiarism, his wife’s biography, the deception of Trump University, his illegal political contributions, his charitable contributions, his tax gift from Governor Christie……. the list goes on and on.

It is pretty clear that he pays no taxes. He probably deducts all of the lawyer fees he has to pay in order to fight the people who he didn’t pay after they did work he contracted for.

People should listen to Trump. He is clear about what he is.

He makes it very clear that he does not understand what a democracy is, and he doesn’t believe in it. He is a fan of Putin’s leadership. He attacks anyone who opposes him with smears and slander, even judges he never knew. He flouts laws. He threatens wars and retaliations. He promises to break treaties, torture prisoners, bomb cities full of civilians, round up immigrants without hearings, and do many other things that would require congressional approval, or are blatantly illegal under our constitution, or international law.

If Republicans complained that Obama was an “imperial president” how can they be in favor of Trump, who thinks he will be elected Emperor.

His tax returns would probably show that he flouts many tax laws also. Maybe that’s why the audit is taking so long. Whenever Trump has been confronted with the truth, he either runs from the subject or changes what he said, blames the press, or says that the words he used did not mean what they say.

But most of his supporters don’t care. They are not big on real democracy either. Look at the voting restrictions that so many Republican legislatures have passed. Yes, the system is rigged, but not against Trump.

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