Unprecedented — Why the Electoral College Should Stop Donald Trump
daniel brezenoff


It is doubtful that pledged Trump electors will be persuaded to take a moral stand.

It will be up to the citizens of the U.S. to keep the pressure on.

Mr. Trump has not even taken office yet but he has already shown that he is more crooked than his opponent could ever had been in four lifetimes.

Unlike Mr. Trump I do not think he should be locked up with a trial. But I believe that he has already done enough to indicted on several charges.

Trump just paid $25 million dollars to settle a law suit he said had no merit. He is a fraud and a liar

So that has been settled, without his having to admit to obvious fraud.

He has already had two members of his immediate family, involved in government affairs while they are running his family’s business. That is against two very clear statutes.


He is offering at least three proclaimed racists and people who would restrict religious freedom to take major positions in his administration. If he swears to defend the Constitution he will be committing perjury as it will violate the First Amendment, even if only by intimidation.


He says his taxes still being audited. There is a strong possibility that he has lied and cheated on them for years. They will probably reveal that he has not given to charity., that he’s taken false deductions, he has hidden money over seas, and that some of his business dealings are illegal.


It is now known that he had been communicating with the Russians during the campaign. He encouraged them to hack Hillary’s emails. The Russians played a large role in the WikiLeaks that Trump used as a battering ram during his campaign. He colluded with a foreign government, a fierce adversary of our country, to influence the campaign. This could be treason.


His foundation is fraudulent. That is well known. He used the money illegally to pay fines the were leveled at him. He never registered the foundation.


He is planning to meet foreign dignitaries at his own resorts. He is merging his business with the government. He wants to profit and improve his brand. His daughter is marketing the jewelry she weares at state visits. She has to accompnay him, even though it is illegal, so that she can explain to him what people are talking about. All of this is immoral, unethical and illegal.


The man has no ethics and no moral center. He is dangerous and doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. He is a fraud, a tax cheat and a criminal in many ways; probably many more than we know about.


We saw that Hillary Clinton was investigated many times by the FBI and by Congress, but no charges were ever filed. Why isTrump allowed to flagrantly flaunt the law? Where is the FBI now?

I remember when Nixon was elected and there was the stink of Watergate hanging around the whole campaign, but people chose to ignore it. Trumps misdeeds are more obvious, and will have more of an impact on the nation and the world.

Trump has repeated stated that he hopes to limit the freedom of the press and use the power of the President to attack his critics. His stated policies show that he wants America to play an adversarial role against the other nations of the world. He seems to show no regard for the freedoms defined in the Constitution except for the 2nd Amendment.

Perhaps he has already disqualified himself for the office. However, it is doubtful that the Electoral College, FBI, Congress, or even the Supreme Court has the nerve to confront him on these issues. It will be up to the citizens of the United States to monitor him and keep exposing his criminal behavior (Give to the ACLU).


Before he ruins the country, deprives us all of our freedoms, and goes to battle with the rest of the world..

I can tell you that I write this feeling safe only because of the knowledge of the insignificance of my voice. He has already shown that he will attack protesters, and even Saturday Night Live for challenging him. I would not be surprised to see a gang of Brown Shirts marching through my neighborhood, attacking people who do not follow Trump.

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