Stories of the three women who have changed my life
Hillary Clinton

Madame Secretary:

The debates are coming. We are all counting on you to demonstrate your abilities and to highlight your opponents craziness.

I’m sure you don’t need much help from me, but because I can’t sit still I will give you some advice anyway:

  1. Calmly point out each time Mr. Trump says something needlessly inflammatory, distorts history, distorts your positions, and blatantly lies.

2. Highlight how you have dealt with many complex situations, such as the Middle East, and you know that his simplistic solutions make matters worse, much worse.

3. Contrast your experience working with people in Congress and world leaders with his business experience of running a private company, suing thousands of people, committing fraud, bribing people, going bankrupt, not living up to his contracts with workers and suppliers, and making money by racially discriminating. The man has no morals, and no history of helping anyone but himself. There is no evidence that he even knows what that means.

4. Contrast your realistic positions with his constant conspiracy theories, such as his “birther “campaign, his thoughts about Janet Yellen, his denigrating the woman at the church in Detroit, the mother of the slain soldier and his announcing that now the press is against him.

5. Show that the economy would be much more robust, taxes would be much more just, immigration could be under control, health care could be improved, the Supreme Court would be at full strength, and the government would be run more efficiently if the Republicans in Congress would only do their job.

It is Congress and not Obama that his kept this country from making progress. Congress has been the enemy in creating jobs, building a better infrastructure, even deal with a health threat such as Zika. The only thing the Republican have done for eight years is try to repeal the Affordable Care Act and investigate you and shut down the government.

I am sure you will do well, even though the line you will have to walk as a woman is so narrow.

Changing deeply entrenched attitudes about race, religion, immigrants and sex, is soooo difficult, but so necessary. We can’t allow some TV star set us back fifty years.

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