I created a Selena Gomez chatbot for my daughter and saw the future.
Josh Bocanegra

My two year old grandson now approaches every new toy and expects it to talk to him. We gave him a wooden train and he was pleased to have a train. Then he proceeded to push every colored block to see which one would say hello, or sing a song, or ask him to play. When none of the blocks responded he seemed very puzzled.

This comes at a time when his parents are often, not always, busy looking at their phones and talking and listening to them. He knows that he sometimes sees me on those phones, which makes him ahppy. He also gets to see Thomas, the Tank Engine, on the phone. Sometimes that makes him happier.

I think that eventually he will be able to distinguish between who is real and what is a cartoon or a bot. Perhaps by them I’ll have a robot companion taking care of me in the nursing home. Maybe it will be a robotized Selena Gomez telling me that she loves me too.