If this is what it will take for her to win, Trump’s got the election sewn up.
Jay Maynard

That is the perception that has been tacked on to her. It has hurt her, but like many other things that Fox News says and Trump says, it is not true; not even close.

While it is true that Hillary plays things close to the vest and is not forthcoming. However, when she doees say something it is truthful and accurate. Her statements have been shown to be the most truthful of ALL the candidates who have run in this election, includijng Bernie.

Trump, by contrast, has a lot of difficultly even recognizing what the truth is. He has been shown to be dishonest and fraudulent in his business. Eighty percent of the statistics he sites in his speeches are outrageously false. Often, when he isn’t lying, he says things that are inflammatory, and then he denies that he said them.

But Hillary, to a large degree becasue she is a woman, an ambitious woman who actaully knows what she is talking about, gets hammered and investigted for everything she says.

If you have a job you had better vote for Hillary, because it won’t be there if Trump gets elected, despite what he promises, because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and he doesn’t know what to do. This isn’t scripted, “reality” TV.

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