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The Intelligence Agencies constantly reported that they doubted that Iraq had WMDs. The Bush team fabricated their own evidence because they wanted to go to war. They went to war, with a very unrealistic goal, and that has now lead to a total destabilization of the Middle East, which has eventually lead to Trump.

The Seth Rich story is interesting. It’s not quite as far-fetched as the babies in the pizza parlor. But if it wasn’t a robbery, who killed him? The Russians? The Democrats for leaking. The Clinton’s, because they are the power behind everything? Everyone on the Alt-Right seems to still invoke the Clintons to explain everything.

Most likely is was the Republicans. Ryan and McConnell knew this was their way to maintain power. They are supported by several very, very wealthy people. They certainly don’t care about liberty, freedom and democracy. They know that Trump is unstable, ignorant and can’t even control his own thoughts, but they are certainly fine with it, as long as their financial backers stay happy.

Hey, House of Cards is beginning to look like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, an innocent little comedy. Who knows who’s next. Certainly Comey had better watch his back, and beware of radioactive poisoning.