Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs

The Problem is that the World is Changing!

What your post highlights is that there are many people who feel so angry and left behind that they are willing to vote for a psychopath and blow the whole world up. The anger has been escalating for about twenty years and neither party knows how to address it. It is not just from White laborers in the mid-west, it can be found in the younger people who supported Bernie Sanders. They too, feel that many doors are closed to them, and the future looks difficult.

The problem is no longer between liberals and conservatives, or between any of the usual cultural splits. The underlying problem is that the world is changing fast. The world is changing as technology is eliminating many jobs, not China, not free trade, not out-sourcing. It takes fewer people to keep the world running, but those people need sophisticated skills. Many of the old jobs are gone forever.

The demographics of the world are changing, especially in the U.S. We have seen the immigration of Hispanic people who came for political and economic stability. We have also seen the immigration of highly skilled people from all over the world who have come to attend our universities, start businesses, work in technology, work in biotech and other specialized fields. These people work very hard and become very successful.

There are all kinds of LGBTQI people who are kissing each other, using bathrooms, and just living their lives right in our neighborhood. And the world didn’t all apart!

Big corporations: Amazon, Google, Facebook, Walmart, Target, Big Pharma, Comcast, Cox, CVS,Starbucks, ExxonMobile, Bank of America, Citicorp and many two dozen others, control almost everything. They control the means of control. They have as much influence as our government.

Health science and medicines have vastly improved. We can treat many cancers. We cal lower blood pressures and prevent strokes. We can replace every joint in our body. Amazing drugs, amazing procedures. BUT, they are very, very expensive! We can’t have one without the other. We have to pay for it together, or only the rich will get the best care. Choose!

Also, the seas are rising, the air is warmer. There are more droughts in some places and more floods in others. The fish are dying and swimming north. There are many more intense storms, including tornadoes and blizzards. There are more big fires. Miami Beach could be gone soon. Louisiana is already going quickly. There are more strange viruses. There are many more people all over the world.

All these things are happening at once. Change is constant. Let’s bring back the old ways!!

Sorry, can’t be done.

Constant change creates uncertainty. Uncertainty creates anxiety. Anxiety often, especially in men, leads to anger, blame and lashing out. This anger created Trump, Brexit and ISIS.

We, as a society, have to find ways to make all of us feel that there is some rhyme and reason to all of this change. Where is all this “innovation” taking us? Will there only be a few big winners in the new world, or will we find a way to live together in peace, prosperity and harmony?

I am trying to start a discussion about this at : https://medium.com/choosing-our-future

I invite you all to join in. It is not a discussion that any of our politicians are having yet, but they need to hear from us.