Tomy! Tomi! Tomé!
Melissa Ryan

The real problem is Trump. He doesn’t know what he stands for. His ideas are already much different than they were last week, and they are very different than what he campaigned about.

His supporters are a collection of people who are angry about different things. Some are just basically racist, and love being politically incorrect. Some are one issue, anti-abortion and they voted for the Supreme Court. Others feel marginalized and they enjoyed over-throwing the establishment. It is that last group of voters who are likely to leave Trump as they realize he isn’t going to help their predicament. Trump is great at rallies when he can be against things — Hillary, Obama, entitlements that go the “them” and not “us.” But he is terrible at being “for” anything. None of his polices come close to helping more people than they hurt. Every idea he has put forward would have the effect of making more people suffer, get sick, or die.

Trump, and the small group he trusts, have no idea about how to run a government. Now, they don’t trust Ryan, and Bannon seems to be on his way down. Generals can’t solve diplomatic problems, and the economy is not expanding.

No one knows what he will think next. Trump goes out and plays golf. Even his wife won’t talk to him.

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