Money, Greed and The Meaning of Life
Chris Herd

The struggle has always been between those who care about other people, and those who can only care about themselves. Most people, once they have enough plus just a little more are happy. Once they feel secure that they can maintain that position they are will to share much of what they have with others.

But if they see that there a re others who are taking all they can get, and that they are hoarding it, and that they are using their extra money to change laws so that they can keep their money, then those who were willing to share stop sharing. They feel less secure, and feel they are being played as suckers.

The entire culutre become defensive. Trust is lost. People become anxious, competitive and uncaring.

Life is uncertain. Values are often unclear. If a person feels lost and unimportant then acquiring a lot of money can give them a way of feeling “successful.”

Until they realize that it doesn’t.

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