My 5 Stages of Dealing With Irreversible Climate Change.
Ellie Brzezenski

Thinking about it Helps

Next week, here in New England, USA, it will be 78 degrees F. That’s 78 degrees Fantastic! I can go hiking on the hills with my grand-dog and won’t need a jacket.

As the other man says, is it just the crisis du jour?

Except: the fish are dying, the storms are more intense, some islands in the ocean have disappeared, so has a big part of Louisiana. Miami may be next. We, the people, are polluting the air and water, warming the planet, burning down the rain forests, exposing ourselves to many more dangerous viruses, and killing millions of species.

But the real damage is years away, and we as people, humans, have a great deal of difficulty conceptualizing the long-term. We are programmed, through a few hundred thousand years of evolution, to take the bird in hand and to do what’s best for now. We have this inner wiring that tells us that we may not be here in the long-term — so let’s have more cake. Yet, I worry for my grandchildren ( the dog will only be around for more than a few more years ).

But now there are so many of us, so many people all over planet, that we are getting in each other’s way and affecting each other’s lives. Burning the forests in Brazil will deprive us all of oxygen, even in Boston.

Still, even as a Millennial, writing posts is helpful, and there are people all over the world who are doing things to do deal with these problems.

One small example is a new company formed by MIT students, called AquaFresco, that has invented a way for big and small laundries to use 95% less water and detergent. This new system can possibly conserve millions of gallons of water.

And many countries agreed just the other day to phase out Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs):

All is not lost, although some things certainly are already gone.

The world is constantly changing. All of us are interconnected, We have to be aware of the choices we are making now if we are going to have a better future. Protecting our climate is just one of them.

I am having discussion about this at :

I hope everyone joins in.

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