If it makes actuarial sense to do so,
Ideas for a New Health System
Steve Spearman

This is exactly what is wrong with the American health care system. For the last thirty years it has been designed around short-term, yearly, or even monthly costs.

Preventive care, done correctly, is always cost effective in so many ways, for the health of the nation, for the work force, for much lower costs later.

But it will take a while for those benefits to materialize since the system is so messed-up and uncaring now. People need to get healthy and have pathways to keep them that way.

Also, so many people resist spending on prevention since their livelihoods depend on making money on treatments.

You are working backwards here. Start by designing a system to make and keep America healthy, then work on cost. We have always looked at cost first, and who profits, and it has made this mess.

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