Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

This up and back between the remaining Trump supporters and those who are so totally grossed out by the thought that such a man has reached this level is not helpful. Hillary calling his supporters deplorable was not helpful. I have be real fears that we are sixteen years away from recovering.

The world is changing rapidly. The power structure is changing. America can is turning Brown and there are LGBTQIs everywhere. White men men see their long standing supremacy slipping away.

The skills people need to make a good living are changing. Being tough and strong no longer pays well. Even being a brave soldier is no longer as valuable as being a computer- savvy soldier. In many ways women have more of the skills necessary to succeed in the future. They have longer attention spans. They study harder. They are more patient and more collaborative.

Many men, especially those over forty, feel angry and a bit of panic. Some of the women who care about them want things to be better for them. Many others feel that the change is long over due.

No one, certainly not Trump, can bring back the old ways. But we have to find ways that we can build a future without leaving people behind.

Change is never easy, and we live in a time of constant change.