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To What End?

It is clear that many people on the left feel that there is a cause for alarm and an investigation. Many from the right gleefully point out that there is no there, there, and that the left are just throwing mud on everything.

The real problem to me is that Trump’s governing style is chaos. This may be by design, as he may be cunning and working to distract any opposition to his underlying agenda. It may be that he is really nuts, and can’t stop from Tweeting out his emotions; jumping from sliming Obama to the ratings of The Apprentice.

But really, this is not a helpful way to run a government unless the goal is to totally disrupt the functioning of the country. And to what end? To me that is even less clear than why Bush went to war with Iraq.

What Trump actually wants and believes is impossible to determine. From his actions he wants America to feel threatened by Radical Islamic Terrorism, by Mexicans pouring across our borders, by rampant crime in Black neighborhoods, and by undocumented immigrants. None of these have actually posed a major threat to our nation during the last ten years, even preceding Obama.

The other problem for the Republicans is they are excellent at stoking up anger and opposition, but have no skill at forming policy. Health care turns out to be complicated. Building a wall turns out to be expensive. Funding a military to fight a war against whom? They had twelve years to formulate an immigration solution and did nothing. They wanted Obamacare repealed and had no plan. Now they want to get rid of all the “entitlement” programs that protect older Americans including Social Security and Medicare. The got rid of welfare and now they also want to get rid of public education.

Also, it cannot be denied that Bannon and Sessions seem to have underlying beliefs that are racist and anti-minority, and that Trump has adopted them, either as a strategy or belief. They are also demeaning scientists, and many of their own experts. This, as well as many other actions are keeping the country very divided and combative. That seems to be part of the plan.

Along with that is the manipulative disregard of the truth, by fighting with the press, and all of the intelligence agencies. They use lies, distortions and aggressive responses to keep the chaos going. They rarely get back to them, but just roll along to the next one, from voter fraud, to the Bowling Green Massacre, to the terrorist acts in Sweden. As mentioned, they also see enemies everywhere, and greatly exaggerate the threat, including our allies.

The result is that the country is without a government and the world is learning to roll on without us. The U.S. is being regarded as a rouge state, two steps away from North Korea. It threatens our trade, both ways. It threatens our financial stability. AND it really will not bring back any jobs, and soon will ruin the economy.

Unnecessary chaos for what end? That is more frightening.

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