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Trump has done somethings that have helped some businesses. With China he has helped his daughter get patents that she had been unable to get before he was President.

Many would argue that ramping up the exports of coal is not in the best interest of our country or China. Maybe that’s why it didn’t get much publicity.

But those are minor points. The major one, and the point of the original article, is that Trump has no credibility, so that if he says something that may have some truth, no one believes it. That’s because every day Trump proves that he does not think rationally. He does not have any consistent policies. He does not know what is in the legislation he sponsors. He cannot remember the lies he said in the morning so he contradicts them in the afternoon. He is shallow, spiteful and vengeful and all of his actions reflect this.

I know people who have known him over the last forty years in New York and Palm Beach. Everyone who knows him knows he is a “grandstanding blowhard.” He is dishonest and unethical, and he knows no other way.

Republicans, those guardians of liberty, know this too. But they fear that if they move against him, his base of angry, often bigoted people will turn against them, and they make up more than half of their voters (but only 40% of the country).

So yes, you can defend a few of the things he did, but really, his Presidency is a mess. The world is frightened by his irrationality, and he is doing his best to keep America divided, angry, and frightened.

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