There are serious deficiencies with deep-learning systems that have come to light — notably with…
Where Angels Fear


The hype and hope of technology is often way ahead of how well the stuff actually works. But that doesn’t stop it from being commercialized. The market for very general, vaguely inaccurate DNA tests is another example of people jumping on a bit early.

But using our gadgets has become a major part of our lives, and in many ways it’s been helpful. I enjoy communicating with you on Medium, and I have no idea of who you are and where you are.

One of he dangers is that people seem to be way too trusting of what happens to all of their information and how it is being used. But maybe after we get to know each other better you will help me obtain my $7,000,000 inheritance from Nigeria. For a slight fee I’ll give you half.

Thanks for the comment.


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