Lost Angiest

Trump, and those whom he has gotten to serve with him, are proving to be as bad as we feared. His knowledge of national and world affairs seems to be based on who will kiss his ass. He gets sucked in by any conspiracy theory that slithers under his door. He is against education. He is against vaccines He is against our allies. He is against diplomacy. He is against paying people who work for him.

We have always known that, but it doesn’t matter to many voters. But now there is something you can do — especially if you live in a place like Seattle:

Join the “Sister District Project.” Help turn some Purple and Red districts to Blue. The people in those districts really do want “Hope and Change.” But to get that we have to change Congress, and then get rid of Trump — unless the Republicans are forced to get rid of him first.

Trump and his family have already made millions since he won the election. The people in Michigan and Wisconsin will lose their health care and have their education system destroyed. The jobs he will bring will be at $8 an hour. Those folks will be open to an alternative if a reasonable one is offered to them.

Don’t just complain. Work to save democracy!

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