What an awful thing to post, in a world where teenage girls are routinely bullied by “revenge porn…

We are living during a time of constant change. The “women’s movement” is now over fifty years-old and there have been many changes in the status of women during that time, although progress has been slow. And now the backlash has become more intense because, finally, the world is changing.

Men are losing their power, and no group has been in power longer, or takes it more for granted. Women have been considered property longer than even Black people. The kind of property that could be used, abused and thrown away. Now, there is finally pressure to make the world realize that women are actually people, People who, if they ran world, would probably make it more peaceful, caring and just.

Many men are left having no idea of how to control their testosterone levels. It takes a lot of retraining, but it’s coming , they know it, and it scares them.

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