Comey actually explained a contact with Trump that may explain why Trump was happy to meet alone…
Louis Weeks

What a game of Twister you guys have to play to justify Trump’s actions. You compare different situations, one when trip was not President, one when he was. Also, what you left out, was that when Trump did not get the action he wanted from Comey, he fired him. That my be “legal” as an action, or it may be obstruction of justice, we will all wait and see.

Whatever it was, that action, this hearing an other Republican maneuverings, have all delayed our finding out what Russia did, and how much Trump’s campaign was aware of what was happening? Why is Trump protecting Flynn? Why did he hire him in the first place? Or Manafort? or let Kushner go to a sanctioned banker?

Trump’s lawyer denied that Trump ever asked for loyalty. Would Trump say that under oath? Could he remeber what he did say? Would you beleive him?

If you look at what Trump did during his trip to other countries, it seems as if Putin could not be more pleased. The country, and now the entire world, is much less safe with Trump in charge. He alienated our allies, and pledged to sell weapons to the country that financed the people who attacked us, and ISIS. His lack of knowledge, his lack of diplomatic skills, his unwillingness to take advice, and his inability to study anything in detail makes everything very dangerous.

Speaker Ryan saying “forgive him, he’s new at this,” releases all the Republicans from their Constitutional duties.

Ridiculous. But you probably think it’s fine. Is a tax cut enough to buy you off? Will you be happy with less health care for more money? With schools that teach creationism? With much less money for medical research, and having it doled out by a political process? With less money for scientific research, which was the main driver of the world’s progress? With the removal of oversight for the banks that caused a financial crisis ten years ago? All this to follow a President whose only stance is to be angry, defensive and divisive?

I guess so. Sad.

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