As you may have noticed I tend to see a very similar range of opportunities to overcome our…
Mike Meyer

What seems remarkable is that the division between urban and rural, between those whose roots are more agricultural vs. those who were more educated and industrial, has been part of U.S. since the writing of the Constitution. We have never resolved our including slavery. We are still battling between the cultures of “Honor, God and Country” vs. Secular Science and Diversity.

It led to the Civil War, to the union busting Pinkertons, to anti-immigration, anti- semitism, KKK of the 20s, McCarthy hearings in the 50s, the anti-government cultural disruption of the 60s, the Reagan backlash of the 80s, the Bush debacle, the Obama backlash to that, and now the Trump backlash to Obama.

All the new technologies seem to just be making things happen faster. I’m not sure if the divisions are wider, or just more widely publicized.

My biggest hope is that we can avoid a war this time. Bush used it to “unite” the country. The world is still paying a huge price for that.

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