I Was Wrong about Trump Voters
Michael Baharaeen

What what you say is certainly accurate. These racist undertones have been part of America since it was founded. But these issues are really just skimming the surface. There are profound changes going on around the world, and they frighten people. Frightened people, like all people but more so, react irrationally. They get protective. Men get angry.

Many Americans felt Obama, being Black, was a threat to the America they knew, and where they held sway. Trump, who also feels that way, feasted on those insecurities.

But, the most dangerous thing that is happening is the assault on science, truth, and facts. People will do a lot of cognitive restructuring to hold on to an idea that makes them comfortable, even when it means adopting an alternate reality. We are seeing a lot of that now, about climate change, the media, immigrants and other conspiracy theories. Trump and the Republicans have prospered using threats, lies, and scare tactics.

When confronted, people usually double down on their defenses. Unless you have been well-educated and accustomed to thinking critically, it is very difficult to say: “ Given this new information, I can see that I was mistaken.” It is much more comforting to dismiss the new information. Most brains are quick, lazy and sloppy. Critical thinking, especially when we are bombarded with new information, can be very taxing and time consuming.

if America is to be revived, and that is still a big if, the result of the Republican policies will have to hit these people in their lives. Their jobs will pay less. Their health care will cost more. An education will be for the elite. Their air and water quality will slip. Their neighbors will die of drugs, alcohol, anger and gun accidents. Their motrgages and bank loans will again become exploitive.

Most people are always looking for a simple solution to complex problems. Perhaps the next swing will be to a (White) ultra-liberal), with a catchy slogan.

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