What Politics Does To Us
Berny Belvedere

What you say is true. What you say is sad.

We don’t expect anything near honesty. So many comparisons to 1984, I don’t need to add another.

What happened?

  1. Politicians were never that honest.
  2. The Internet made it easier to spread lies, rumors, fake news.
  3. The world has changed in so many ways.
  4. Many in America did not keep up. They have been overwhelmed by the changes. Instead of trying to meet the new challenges they got lazy. It was easier to be swept away by the lies. Swept along in a current of bigotry, anger and blame.

What they needed to do was to dig in, learn new skills and find away to live and prosper in the changing environment. But that, admittedly, is much more difficult than to cry out that they’ve been discriminated against, that no one paid attention to them, and that they are not getting what they deserve.

How ironic to hear from those who say they stand for the independence of the individual, that they are now victims of discrimination and they need the government to take care of them. How ironic that they have elected officials who will take away whatever support services, such as health care, education, unemployment benefits, or job re-training, that could have helped them to adjust to the world as it is. How ironic that they have chosen to trust their fate to the billionaires and industrial giants who clearly state that their only priority is to make themselves and their shareholders rich.

Maybe I don’t realize how many truck drivers, unemployed machinists and insurance salesmen own 10,000 shares of XOM (83.47, +.30 today)