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Yes, as Trump says, it’s all Obama’s fault.

Ridiculous, how he wanted people to have health care. He was also the most racist President, because he was half Black. I’ve been told many times how he was the worst President ever, but no one has explained what he actually did that was so terrible, besides speak in full sentences.

We are watching the destruction of a once great nation. More and more it seems that it is coming both from within, from folks like yourself, the haters, and from without, as the possibility that the Russians really did hack the voting becomes more of a reality every day.

Trump has spent his time in office, blaming, distorting, lying and hiding. He has no clear idea of what to do, except to undo anything Obama did.

The Republicans are falling all over themselves trying to establish oligarchs.

And you and your friends are off believing that all our troubles are because of immigrants, and a great wall will solve your problems.

The future now belongs to China, Germany, France and even Canada. America is now isolated and a rouge nation. But that’s fine with you, as long as you get your tax cut.

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