You Won’t Read This But…Trump Won Because He Was the Feel-Good Candidate
Zaron Burnett III

Yes, certainly, you are right, but, it’s kind of obvious. Psych. 101. People are not rational. Decisions, about almost anything, are not rational; never were. We are programed by evolution to respond quickly, based on emotion. That is how we, as a species, survived. We can always rationalize what we did later, but making up some excuse and then believing it.

The question is why did people feel better voting for a guy who obvioulsy lied, distorted and made-up everything; a man who has no real beliefs, but who will say anything to get a crowd going.

He won because fear is more powerful than caring. Anger Trumps love, and the people who fear for their future were thrilled to find a cause that allowed them to take out their anger at being left out of the success that the educated and prosperous were having. He was able to lump Hillary in with the educated and prosperous, the elite. And to her detriment, she is.

ALSO: he won because our Constitution is fifty ears out of date. Proportionately, fewer people live in the mid-west and northwest than they did fifty years ago. Yet each empty state still has at least two Senators and three electoral votes. If the U.S. had direct voting Hillary would have won by more than Obama beat Romney, more than Kennedy beat Nixon, and more that Nixon beat Humphrey. But America is now so divided into Blue and Red states that many small bubbles receive more electoral votes that the big bubbles.

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