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Yes, I agree the election probably was rigged. We are finding out more each day.

So you are a supporter of more big storms like Harvey, with no planning about how to prevent more of them. You probably also support deporting innocent people to places they have never known, honoring American traitors, such as Robert E. Lee, helping keep colleges expensive so that rip-off loan companies can make money. You’re probably happy that there will soon be no affordable health. Also you may be pleased to have a President who makes overtures to dictators, while alienating our allies; someone who has the diplomatic skills of s drunken cowboy. You probably believe that Fox News and Rush are keepers of the faith, and that Trump tells the truth about Obama, or his business dealings, or that no one in his administration ever met with any Russians. Perhaps you think he knows anything about how to shape legislation, and that he is a great negotiator. Maybe you even think that bombing North Korea would be a good idea because it would show that America is tough.

These are just some of the things that make me feel that America is rapidly becoming a has-been, isolated, bigoted, rouge nation. But maybe that’s what you want.

Thanks for the reply.

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