She told me logic was enforced by Satan
I feel threatened by Christianity

Yes, Ma’s got it right, kind of. If she means that logic is the Anti-Christ, then yes, logic often pulls people away from organized, hierarchical religious institutions.

It’s sp much easier to Believe, than to think. Thinking can lead to all kinds of questions that don’t have clear answers. All of science is like that. That’s why people go against it. I remember speaking with a religious friend who told me that having a strong belief in God made him feel as if all his questions were answered. There was no more ambiguity. He did not seem to care if the answers had much to do with reality.

i can’t tell you what to Believe in. I often wonder what the world would be like if every kid had to spend a few hours every weekend studying particle physics. But then people tell me that religion gives them a sense of morality and ethics.

I don’t think that “Be good or you’ll burn in hell” is an especially ethical way of shaping a chid’s behavior.

I have a friend who was a very strict Catholic years ago ( she left the church when she learned her friend has been molested by a priest). She had an uncle I met several times. He was a character. He gambled, stole money, drank, cheated on his wife, cheated on his girlfriend, loved to talk about it. When she was twelve my friend confronted her uncle and warned him that he would burn in hell for his sins. He smiled, gave her a candy bar, and said, “If that’s true, I’ll be there with all my friends.”

Keep questioning until you find your own answer. And then start questioning all over again.

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