let alone some deeply rooted animosity toward females, whom most men love and cherish and want only good things to happen to them.
“Perhaps I’ve worked with too many women who have suffered both physically and emotionally at the…

Yes, most men want good things to happen to women. We agree on that. But most men in power positions don’t want women making the decisons.Women have a much tougher time getting promoted, having their ideas listened to, and gaining entry into the inner circles. Things are changing, but very slowly.

I hope your daughter is able to rise as far as she wishes, especially after she has children (I’m sure you will enjoy being a grandparent as much as I do.) Do you really think it will be as easy for her as it would be for her engineer husband (if that’s whom she chooses to marry)? It is getting easier, slowly, but that’s mostly do to those pesky, radical feminists.

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