I have little interest in getting involved in a pro-Russian diatribe but this is a problem as there…
Mike Meyer

Yes, the Trump phenomenon has taken over the half of the conversations in the world. It’s interesting to see how new acquaintances send out little signals to figure out which side you’re on. Most people, except for the real zealots on both sides, don’t want to spend their time fighting with everyone, all the time.

Still, it’s kind of shocking to read people such as Kady, who are willing to forgive Trump for his constant lying, his awful behavior, and his terrible policies. I really don’t understand what benefits she derives from that kind of tunnel vision, except not having to admit she made a mistake.

[What has he done for the Russians? He beat Hillary. He has almost totally diminished American influence on the world stage. Denied that Russia is behind the hacking. Not pursued the investigation into the hacking but instead is trying to distract the country with a phony, suppressive, illegal, voter fraud investigation. He has alienated our allies, dissed NATO, threatened our neighbors, pulled out of trade agreements, has been totally inconsistent with his thoughts about China, France, Syria, Afghanistan, and almost every other policy. He changed the Republican platform about Russia, and through Flynn, has tried to lift the sanctions. Just for starters].

Trump is not, and never was, a successful businessman. What has become clear is that the entire Trump clan has much more in common with the Gambino and Patriarca clans then they do with the terrible Clintons. Part of the problem is that they have been corrupt so long, and have dealt with so many other gangsters, that they feel it is the way business is done.

That is they way most of his apologists let him off the hook; “Everybody does it. The Clinton’s were worse.” That’ simply not true. Yes, the Clintons often bent the law, but the Trumps are proud to openly ignore it. It’s easy to think everybody does it when you hang around with the Madoffs.

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