VidCon Debrief

The idea that Anita Sarkeesian can break the rules and still not be held to account speaks volumes about who has the ‘privilege’ here. It’s disgraceful on the part of VidCon that this incident was handled in such a timid and spineless manner.

Ms. Sarkeesian is (has, actually, from that letter she posted) only going to spin this to further her own narrative of victimhood and bilk more money from her followers. Anyone who’s payed any attention to things these last few years know full well that Sargon also recieves a great deal of abuse and threats. He was doxxed, for real. Thunderf00t, perhaps the greatest critic of Anita’s, has upload at least one or two compilation videos of people hurling abuse and threats at him on Anita’s behalf, something I’ve never seen her actually address, meanwhile, Sargon constantly reminds people not to contact her or harrass her (or anyone else).

What really bothers me about Anita Sarkeesian, however, is the quality of her work. Considering that a lot of the things I like most from the Green’s are the Crash Course series or SciShow, I find it odd they would side with someone who so blatantly disregards scientific rigour and methodology. Anita starts with her conclusion (ie, video games are sexist and make people sexist), and then fabricates, a very deliberate choice of words there, the evidence to support it. It does not excuse the abuse she’s recieved, no one deserves that, but as a lifelong gamer myself I can sure understand why some people get angry enough at her inflammatory assertions that they act out. Especially when any attempt to even get a dialogue going with her is at best ignored, or worse, labeled as another incident of harrassment.

Anita never faces her critics and never publicly reponds to the shortcomings others find her work. They are left with nothing else but to create ‘response’ videos in an effort to get some opposing ideas out there into the ether, and again, that’s something she seems to consider harrassment. And the Green’s appear to be supporting her. Disgraceful.

The silver lining here is that the full video of the incident is widely available online. I thin most people are going to find Anita showing her true colours and the handling of this incident by VidCon to be very revealing:

The high-priestess of feminism has no clothes.

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