Puerto Rico.

Guayama, Rincon, Crashboat, La Ventana, Old San Juan

Oct.2015 & Feb.2016:

Puerto Rico is such a scenic place with really sweet and loving people. It has some of the nicest, mountain top views and famous for its incredible beaches; you get the best of both world. There’s a ton of places to explore and since PR is such a small island, with a little bit of research you can conquer a lot in just a few days.

The party doesn’t spot in PR. I was fortunate to visit PR during Halloween and it was a week filled with good food, cheap drinks, and fun vibes. (C’mon, they played YMCA at one of the bars and everyone went innnn. PR doesn’t give a f***!)

I was in Vieques for a few days and its an incredibly beautiful island with clear waters, good music, active nightlife and lots to explore. Overall, PR is a great place and I highly recommend anyone to go visit. I give it a 9 out of 10