Dan Barrett Martian Interview

From the red planet I take my leave. I zip zap, and slip my way around the moon and into the earths atmosphere. I see large masses patruding from the ground, and crawling around it, millions of organic specs moving in random and irratic paterns. I land in a patch of green vegitation and encounter Dan Barrett.

“What is your purpose?” I ask him. He responds “to learn right now. my job is to prepare.”

What could Dan be preparing for?

“Preparing for responsibility. It sucks saying that. It seems like a very dry way to live you life”

I am releaved that he was not preparing for the martians. Their not supposed to know about us … yet. Im interested in Dan and would like to know more.

“What would you rather be doing?” I ask. He tells me he wants to be an artist.

“The Connection between an audience and an artist is appealing” He wants to frame his consience in a way that it can be experienced by everybody.

Why does Dan want to communicate? Could it be a threat to my fellow Martians. I immediately become anxious.

“I want to be a story teller.” the big picture is important to Dan. He goes on to tell me he feels driven to do it. Communication is key, especially on Mars, Dan is not a threat to the martians. I must take my leave before he figures out where I'm from.

I zip, dip, and slip into space.

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