On payday I brought everyone into the conference room and told everyone we made payroll, but that I wasn’t sure we’d be able to make the next one. I told everyone that we thought we’d be able to close on additional investment, but that I couldn’t guarantee anything. I gave them the option of working (with the risk of not getting paid) or staying home (if we raised money I told them they’d be paid — a free vacation).
And yet it happens all of the time.
Alexander Muse

You say every startup is a scam, and yet what you describe here is exactly the opposite of what Penny experienced. Instead of getting an honest update on “This is where we are, so are you in or out?” she got “We’ve got TONS of money, and you will be paid… it’s on a UPS truck… it’s in this fake Wells Fargo transfer.” Big difference. Huge.

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