So what about wisdom?

According to Monica Anderson, author of an exciting experiment entitled Wisdom Salon, a smart variation on the theme of the World Café Protocol,

Wisdom is but gathered experience.

Her experiment is a 24/7 online implementation of an organic dynamics that can be insight providing, and allowing for quick routes to grains of wisdom, new friendships and more. The virtual place for the Wisdom Salon would feature both visual & audio dimensions.

It is a process that allows for parallel processing of ideas, cross-pollination of them, as members engage in conversations on Questions that Matter.

It is very attuned to how ideas emerge as a result of distributed parallel processing of information, “breeding”, sync and adaptation.

It speaks a lot about how we think, how wise we can get by engaging in Conversations that Matter, how evolution works, how emergent properties arise in tweaked, fined-tuned environments quite spontaneously.

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