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And so begins the elitism. Did you describe your experience poorly? If so that is your fault, not mine. It wouldn’t matter if I was a member and loved it — though I turned the offer down because I could see serious issues with it. Indont pay money for things I see as poorly done. Furthermore my membership status is irrelevant. You claimed a poorly designed product (according to you) was the result of people designing a product for themselves. I disagreed and gave examples of how your assertion that A causes B is false.

But rather than continue a reasonable discussion you chose to go ad hominem. More the pity for Medium of that is the type of “membership” it is getting. Next time try reading the actual content and if you disagree that people designing products for themselves does not necessarily lead to bad ones offer your evidence. You made an assertion, I demonstrated it was false. You attacked me, or made a weak attempt at it. Designing it for themselves, assuming they even did so, is not the cause for such a poor setup.

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