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I’m not sure what you meant by “and you would are incorrect,”

Bitten by autocorrect, alas.

As well, I don’t believe that students are getting degrees irrelevant to having a career, but rather they are choosing to study what interests them

It isn’t “a career”, it is “their career”. Believe what you want, but the facts show otherwise. You can choose belief or facts, not both. Indeed, that you choose to believe means you don’t have evidence of your claim — hence it is belief. If people were mostly getting degress relevant to their career, then this would be reflected by people mostly working in fields related to their degree. But when only 27% are, they are clearly not doing so.

but rather they are choosing to study what interests them.

Which doesn’t prevent them from getting degrees relevant to their career. You can get a degree that interests you and it be irrelevant to your job or career. But either way, it is still irrelevant to your career. I understand you’ve never had a career, but you don’t have to have one to understand that getting a degree in Theater but selling burgers or working as a systems administrator means your degree is not relevant to your job or career. And it doesn’t matter how much you love theater.

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