Thankfully the fringe groups mentioned are just that and have small memberships.
Tim Knowles

The “alt.right”, NeoNAZI’s, White Supremacist, Skin Heads and White Nationalist when they unite can be larger than what would strictly be fringe

Except that they can’t. That is why the Antifa’s of the world, pencil-pusher by day, raging bad-ass in a hood and mask by night, feel safe in what they do. They know their putative opposition is powerless.

The “alt.left” whatever that is probably can’t unite except to counter demonstrate against the “alt.right.” Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, Women’s Rights, SJW, Antifa, Greens, Civil Rights groups, don’t seem to have a uniting message except being Anti-NAZI.

Or Anti-trump, or anti-”right wing”, pro-violence, pro-destruction. The thing about the different groups is they are all a common audience of totalitarians. That is why they are so violently fighting each other, and have been since the 1900s. Looking at history and the rise of fascism to Fascism, the role Antifa plays is not to unite by action, but to raise targets to “unite against” while building acceptance for political violence, just as the socialists in Italy in the early 1900s did. But if we follow historical patterns, what follows “antifa” will be even worse.

The underlying purpose in “counter-demonstration” is intimidation; this isn’t a secret or conspiracy — not when they openly proclaim that as their goal. Intimidation breeds unity among the other left-wing crazies such as the Neo-Nazis, actual fascists, and supremacists out of fear and overt intimidation. That leads to them holding their own protests, which are then “countered” with more violence in “counter-protests”. Socialists sowed the seeds of Fascism and in sequence National Socialism. I suppose the communists feel it is their turn to sow the seeds of totalitarianism.

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